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Download Minecraft PE for android with a working Xbox Live: use rolling blocks to create diagrams and explore new products’ interesting features.

What’s new in Minecraft

Now the game has even more features because the developers have added a lot of new content. For example, in Minecraft, dark depths await the player. This is a mysterious biome, where danger emanates everywhere, dangerous traps are set at every corner, and unpredictable monsters are running around.

All these factors make the depths a very eerie and extremely difficult place to traverse. In addition, the user will be disturbed by other features, the same darkness, and noise. You should be careful because you can accidentally stumble upon a drip build-up or collide with an acoustic vein.

Darkness effect

This effect will not often appear in Minecraft, but there is still such a possibility. To do this, the player needs to go down to the dark deep biome. Because it is only there that total darkness reigns.

After an extended stay at the location, the user will begin to notice strange changes. Initially, a black haze will appear on the main screen, then a slight darkening. Over time, the situation will worsen, and the player will stop recognizing anything at all.

Sculk blocks

It is worth noting that there are a lot of rolling blocks in Minecraft PE And it’s not about their number on the map, but about the total number of varieties. These include: sculk vein blocks, catalyst, shrieker.

Each of the blocks has a similar texture, but their properties are different. Some rolling pins react to sounds. Others are entirely harmless and are used to produce circuits.

Other new items

There are two new items in Minecraft Bedrock music and experimental vanilla mode. In vanilla experimental mode, the player will be able to test the capabilities of the Caves and Cliffs add-on. And the main menu will delight you with a new musical accompaniment.


  • What does a goat horn do?

    Emits a sound signal identical to the horn sound played during a raid.
  • How long does the dark effect last?

    Just a few seconds.
  • Where do I find amethyst geodes?

    They spawn all throughout the world.