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Download Minecraft PE for android with a working Xbox Live: get unique ore, use frogs to get froglight, find sculk blocks, and much more!

What’s new in Minecraft

The Mojang team is delighting the gaming community with every new game version. Minecraft PE Caves and Cliffs Update Part 2 has improved the generation of a blocky world.

There are also additional blocks, which you can get with the help of frogs. There are some technical improvements in the game.


Minecraft cave biomes delight fans of the game with unusual locations on the territory of which you can search for good resources. For example, Dripstone caves are rich in copper ore, and glowing lianas grow in Lush caves.

Some changes have occurred with the landscape. For example, there are now more spruce trees growing on the territory of groves, which makes the nature of the game world more realistic.

The developers try to make all the improvements to biomes and landscape additions smooth and organically to bring them into the existing game space.

Swamp dwellers

Swamps in Minecraft PE are a habitat for several mobs. Among them are frogs that can reproduce. Moreover, players can help amphibians to continue offspring. You can use pieces of slime: feed the frog to get blocks.

There are tadpoles among the swamp inhabitants. Small mobs live in water and cannot survive on land. From can be caught with a bucket.


Frogs can help Minecraft players to get a froglight. It’s a beautiful decorative block that can be in three versions: yellow, green, and purple.

You need to offer the frog a magma block and wait for it to eat it.

Other types of blocks are in the caves of the game world. The sculk blocks have different functions.

One of them can react to movement and can give signals by itself. It can serve as an alarm system for a dwelling.

Technical improvements

The developers have fixed critical bugs in Minecraft PE Players may notice that the invite button to the game in Realms is now active even during a pause. Ratings and offers in the store began to be displayed correctly.

By the way, the developers improved the smoothness of the player’s movements.


  • How to get the froglight?

    Feed a frog with magma block.
  • Are there any useful blocks in Dripstone caves?

    Users can mine copper ore in Dripstone caves.
  • How to catch a tadpole?

    Use a bucket.