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Download Minecraft PE for android with a working Xbox Live: find out what a copper horn is needed for, try the improved goat horn, evaluate the new Java quality.

What’s new in Minecraft

One of the main innovations is the copper horn in the Minecraft inventory. Also, the developers of Mojang studio have improved goat horn, refined the inaccuracies of the gameplay and improved the overall gameplay for Java parameters.

Copper Horn

This is a kind of goat horn, but an improved version of it. To use it, the Minecraft PE experimental mode must be activated. The copper horn can be crafted from three V-shaped copper ingots and a goat horn in the middle.

In total, a copper horn can make three different sounds.

Goat Horn

The goat horn has been also modified. Of the main changes, it is necessary to note the additional sounds that have appeared in Minecraft, as well as the special sound that the horn of a screaming goat makes. The goat’s horn appears when the animal pushes certain building blocks: ice, ores, wooden logs of the otherworld, stone.

Java Equality

The game creators are constantly improving the gameplay and doing everything possible to bring the quality of the game as close as possible to Java editions.

The Minecraft PE developers do not recommend using the new version with the old numbers. It is possible that the world will be generated with errors.

Now during the strokes the camera will have smooth movements. The number of items that are forbidden to burn in the oven has also changed.

Additional changes

Some bugs have been fixed. Among the important ones are the following:

  • The hunger indicator has its limit;
  • Fixed the bad omen effect;
  • The joystick parameters are adjusted in the settings;
  • Correct display of the Minecraft game menu;
  • When creating a new world, the Behavior set tab is added;

Be sure to save all existing worlds before testing the updated version.


  • What is a copper horn can be made of?

    It can be crafted from three V-shaped copper ingots and a goat horn in the middle.
  • How can I get a goat horn?

    It drops when a foat is pushing blocks like ice, ores, wooden logs of the otherworld, stone.
  • What if it doesn't work?

    Make sure the experimental game mod is activated.