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Download Minecraft PE for Android with a working Xbox Live: visit the Mangrove Swamps, get to know the Warden, and find treasures in the Ancient City.

What’s new in Minecraft

The long-awaited Minecraft PE update has finally been released. The most important changes have appeared in the version.

Warden now lives in the Ancient City and guards the Dark Depths. Thanks to its appearance, the player’s functionality will increase significantly.

The main features of Warden’s behavior are concerning vibrations. Players need to be very careful and avoid it. Even though it is very dark in the Depths, the Warden has perfectly adapted to the darkness. Focusing on the vibrations, he easily finds any victim.

Mangrove Swamps

The Minecraft developers have added the long-awaited Mangrove Swamps to the game world. It means there are new types of trees appeared, as well as blocks of mud.

By the way, while walking through the mud, players can hear realistic sounds.

The Warden

The new resident of Minecraft PE update lives in a dungeon. The biome is called the Dark Depths. He is very cunning, capable, and unpredictable. Due to his dark color, he is almost invisible in the environment.

He moves extremely quietly in space and it is very difficult to hear his approaching. At the moment the Warden attacks, he begins to roar like a beast. Be careful, it can break even the strongest armor.

The player can install a Shrieker Block that will react like an alarm to any approach.

Ancient City

The new terrain is found only in volumes of the Dark Depth. Outwardly, this is an ordinary city after the destruction. The main material of all buildings is stone blocks. Going on a journey, a Minecraft player must be ready for the fiercest battle with hostile mobs.

If you come out victorious, you will be able to become the owner of valuable treasures.

All the secret treasures are very carefully guarded. There are a large number of alarms and various sensors around the perimeter. Also in the ancient city, there is a new building material called Reinforced Deepslate. It is available in a creative game mode.


The developers of Mojang studio have fixed some bugs in the updated version of Minecraft PE Now if the players are wearing a helmet and any building block falls on them, the game does not fail. Entities are also saved by downloading worlds from old console editions.

The generation of the Ancient City is fixed. Skin packs and other buttons do not disappear from the menu. Also, the emotion wheel works without errors.


  • How can I protect myself from the Warden?

    Use a Sculk Shrieker.
  • Are there any new blocks in the update?

    You can find Reinforced Deepslate in the Ancient City.
  • Where is the Ancient City located?

    In the Dark Depths biome.