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Minecraft PE 1.19.2

Version MCPE 1.19.2 for Android
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Download Minecraft PE 1.19.2 for android with a working Xbox Live: walk through the swamps, listen to the sounds of frogs, collect mangrove wood, try to survive in the caves of the game where the Warden lives!

Minecraft 1.19.2 Release

Mojang team continued the Wild Update and released Minecraft PE 1.19.2. The developers fixed some bugs and improved the gameplay.

Deep Dark

Unusual places can be found not only on the surface of biomes in Minecraft 1.19.2 but also underground. For example, the Deep Dark will become one of the most dangerous territories. To get past the terrible mob that lives in the dark, it is better to go as quietly as possible and use the Silk touch.


If the Minecraft PE 1.19.2 player behaves loudly, an acoustic sensor may trigger, causing sounds from a sculk shrieker. Warden himself is guided by sound vibrations, determining the location of the victim.

In 2021, Allay was chosen by most crafters as the most anticipated mob of the game. The creature began to help the character by picking up things.


Players in Minecraft 1.19.2 can see beautiful glowing blocks in the caves of the game. Sculk blocks have five types. Some of them can collect the experience of dead mobs and distribute similar blocks around. And there is also a shrieker, which can become an alarm for the house.

Mud blocks can also be useful to players since they can be used to build houses and other structures.


A recovery compass will be a way to find out the place of Steve’s death. But you will need echo shards to craft. Players can search for them in the Ancient City.

If you combine a boat with a chest, you get a new item in Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.19.2. Players will be able to transport any luggage across the river with its help.

Spectator mode

The Spectator mode will allow you to see the game without affecting the events. Mobs in Minecraft 1.19.2 will not see the player, and the effects will not affect him.

Technical improvements

The developers managed to make the gameplay of Minecraft PE 1.19.2 even better by correcting the positions of mobs during teleportation to the Nether.

Mangrove Swapm in Minecraft PE 1.19
Warden in Minecraft PE 1.18
Allay in Minecraft 1.19
Mangrove Trees in Minecraft PE 1.19
Mud Block in Minecraft PE
Lush caves in Minecraft PE
Boat with Chest in Minecraft PE 1.19
Calcite and tuff in MCPE
Spyglasses in MCPE
New mountains in Minecraft PE
Candles in Minecraft PE 1.17
Updated Generation in Minecraft PE
Stony Peaks in Minecraft PE 1.17
Frogs in Minecraft PE 1.18


  • How can I protect myself from the Warden in Minecraft PE 1.19.2?

    Do not disturb the mob for 60 seconds.
  • Where can I find Echo Shards?

    You can find Echo Shards in the Ancient City.
  • Are there any plants in Mangrove Swamps in MCPE 1.19.2?

    There are a lot of mangrove trees.