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Download Minecraft PE for android with a working Xbox Live: create items from different blocks, meet dangerous creatures, and much more!

What’s new in Minecraft

Mojang team has released Minecraft PE Wild Update. Developers offer players different blocks for crafting, biomes are filled with useful materials, and mobs get smarter behavior scripts.


Players can use mud blocks to build a home in Minecraft To do this, you will need to dry the blocks and wait a little. The resulting bricks will be an ideal material.

It is not difficult to find mud: Mangrove swamps are filled with it. Players can see a lot of such a resource under their feet, as well as hear its sounds.

By the way, clay is also obtained from mud in Minecraft PE

Mangrove wood blocks are suitable for many items, including boats. You can get such material from trees from new swamps.


This peaceful Minecraft mob flies and collects items, helping players. If you put a thing in its hands, you can see how it emits light.

Allay flies after the owner wherever he goes: it enters the portals of the Nether and even collects things while on the boat.


This is a dangerous mob of the Minecraft PE game world. Users can avoid the battle, but they will have to try to walk very quietly. Warden does not have vision: this skill is not necessary for a dungeon creature. But the monster can hear the slightest sound.

You can try to freeze for 60 seconds so as not to attract the attention of the mob. It can forget about the victim and fall asleep.


Developers rely on feedback from users, making the game world better. The creators have worked out the problems with pistons: in Minecraft, items no longer have errors when falling out. Also, the bow and crossbow work correctly when releasing arrows.


  • How to make mud blocks in Minecraft PE?

    Players should dry some mud before.
  • Is Warden a dangerous mob for players?

    Yes, this mob can attack any other creature of the game.
  • What can Allay do?

    In MCPE this mod can pick up items.