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Download Minecraft PE for android with a working Xbox Live: rate the fixed technical errors, as well as more stable and exciting gameplay.

Minecraft Beta

In this version, players have a great opportunity not only to diversify the gameplay or visit new locations but also to get a unique experience from other users.

This is made possible by the viewer mode. In it, a player who is an observer absolutely cannot influence what is happening on the field in any way but is only present there. At the same time, he can move freely everywhere and see the process with his own eyes.

In Minecraft PE, such heroes don’t even play any sounds, including when they enter or exit the bubble column.


Developers always pay special attention to the behavior of various creatures and their interaction with players. This is an incredibly important moment that can change the impression of the entire gameplay.

In Minecraft, changes have again affected creatures such as Drowned people. It is worth noting that earlier these creatures were returned to their habitual habitat in the biomes of warm oceans. Therefore, players should be careful when moving in these places.

In this version, a bug has been fixed that led to the change of held items by these mobs during their attack.

Technical changes

Each player, one way or another, faces various technical issues during the game. This time, an error was fixed due to which users could not drag or hold items on the equipment page.

Also in Minecraft PE, some touch control settings have been improved and the text color for parameter descriptions has been changed to make them more readable.

Previously, players may have noticed that the Desiccation effect is reduced by armor. Now, this error has been fixed and will no longer be encountered by heroes.

Warden in Minecraft PE 1.18
Allay in Minecraft 1.19
Mangrove Swapm in Minecraft PE 1.19
Mangrove Trees in Minecraft PE 1.19
Music Disc in Minecraft PE 1.19
Recovery Compass in Minecraft PE 1.19
Ancient City from Minecraft 1.19
Sculk Shriekers from Minecraft 1.19
Mud Bricks from Minecraft 1.19
Froglight from Minecraft 1.19
Deep Dark from Minecraft 1.19


  • What can Allay do?

    In MCPE 1.19 this mod can pick up items.
  • What trees grow in Mangrove swamps in Minecraft PE 1.19?

    There are a lot of mangroves there.
  • What new mode is available to players?

    Spectator Mode.