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Download Minecraft PE for android with a working Xbox Live: be extremely careful, because the bushes of sweet berries can cause a lot of damage to the player.

What is new in Minecraft

Each version of the cube world is unique in its way. In some updates, new mobs or biomes appear, while in others the technical component changes. In Minecraft PE, it was the latter that received the most attention from developers.

Thus, users can evaluate the cache clearing function, which will avoid problems with downloading information. And also use new touch and crosshair systems.


In the boundless space of the cubic world, there are many interesting biomes, each of which has distinctive features and unique inhabitants. But also in most of them, you can see small settlements.

As a rule, the locals are harmless and can be useful to players in terms of trade. You can exchange the resources found with them and receive various goods in return.

It can be household items, weapons, or armor. But you can also meet a librarian among them. By the way, in Minecraft, in addition to the usual books, he can also offer enchanted ones to customers.

And thanks to the corrected error in scrolling the trading list, this process will be even more productive.


Encountering various creatures on their way, players can tame some of them. This will allow you to use the new pet for your purposes. For example, Allay will bring any items to the hero.

It is enough to give him just one block and he will look everywhere for similar ones. This creature in Minecraft PE can be found in the camp of robbers. Be sure to evaluate the capabilities of this flying creature.

But also new dangers appear in the way of players and they consist not only in the appearance of aggressive monsters. Seemingly harmless bushes of sweet berries will again cause damage to the hero.

Video MCPE
Warden in Minecraft PE 1.18
Allay in Minecraft 1.19
Mangrove Swapm in Minecraft PE 1.19
Mangrove Trees in Minecraft PE 1.19
Music Disc in Minecraft PE 1.19
Recovery Compass in Minecraft PE 1.19
Ancient City from Minecraft 1.19
Sculk Shriekers from Minecraft 1.19
Mud Bricks from Minecraft 1.19
Froglight from Minecraft 1.19
Deep Dark from Minecraft 1.19


  • How to make mud blocks?

    Players should dry some mud before.
  • What books can I buy from a librarian?

    Enchanted books.
  • What can Allay do?

    This mod can pick up items.