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Download Minecraft PE for Android with a working Xbox Live: store all the books in one place, build from bamboo wood blocks, and choose new characters in the dressing room!

What is new in Minecraft

Thanks to the Mojang team, players can once again see changes in the game world. Minecraft PE offers the latest updates: camels as transport, bamboo blocks for construction and chiseled bookshelves for storing items.

The developers have also made changes to the dressing room. Steve and Alex have seven new friends, so players can choose the character.


Crafters can use bamboo blocks in construction. They also have their own recipes. For traveling in Minecraft, you can create a raft from this material, on which you can put a chest.

The authors of the game have worked to make some blocks look the same as in the Java Edition. This applies to wooden and iron doors.

New animals

The camel has become a new inhabitant of the Minecraft PE world. The functionality of the animal has been updated: now it can sit down for a few seconds. This happens randomly.

These creatures spawn in deserted villages.

Being on a camel, the player has an advantage over enemies, because it is a tall animal with long legs. The opponents won’t be able to get Steve.


Minecraft players will need 6 planks and 3 wooden slabs to craft chiseled bookshelf. Here they can store not only books but also items for writing.

6 books can be placed on one shelf.

Users can try the comparator to find out which book was last removed. With the help of new shelves, you can create a secret library in your home.

The developers offer hanging signs to post information. MCPE players can put this item under the block or to the side of it.

They can also use new signs under narrow blocks, creating a support in the middle.

Other changes

The spectator mode, as we know, no longer refers to the experimental options. But the developers from Mojang continue to work on this option in Minecraft PE For example, Allay will no longer give items to viewers.

Hanging Signs in Minecraft PE 1.20
Bamboo from Minecraft PE 1.20
Boolshelf in Minecraft PE 1.20
Camel in Minecraft PE 1.20
Sniffer in Minecraft PE 1.20


  • Where do camels spawn?

    Players can see these animals in desert villages.
  • How to craft chiseled bookshelf?

    Players need to have 6 planks and 3 wooden slabs.
  • How to detect the last book placed to chiseled bookshelf?

    Comparators can be used for this.