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Download Minecraft PE for Android with a working Xbox Live: change skins, try spectator mode, use a bamboo raft with a chest, and put enchanted books on chiseled shelves!

What is new in Minecraft

The players waited for the next update from the game authors. The Mojang team improved the existing mobs in Minecraft PE and added touch controls options, making it easier for crafters.

Skin set

Players are used to seeing Alex and Steve as basic characters of the game world. There are seven skins with different looks In Minecraft

The developers tried to make them unique by adding bright clothes to each character, different eye colors, and hair.


Walking through a deserted village, Minecraft PE players can see that camels spawn there. The animal is tall, which allows it to jump. The mob has unique animations and can wiggle its ears.

Camels became the first creatures of the game, on which two riders fit.

The Vax in MCPE now looks somewhat different. It will be easier to fight the mob because the mob’s hitbox has changed.


Minecraft has everything for creating a library. Players can put their enchanted books on carved shelves, with six pieces on each.
Many things can be made from wood in the game world.

Players can also craft hanging signs. This type is very convenient because it allows users to see the text placed on it from afar.

Bamboo wood is available to Minecraft PE users. It is suitable for creating another unusual item. A raft with a chest will become an alternative to a boat: players can move on it through the water and carry things.

Other changes

The spectator mode has become even easier to use. Minecraft players who use cheats in the game should enter the /gamemode spectator command to activate this option.

Touch control has three options so that every crafter can choose a convenient one.


  • What animals live in deserts?

  • How to know which book was taken from a chiseled bookshelf?

    Use a redstone comparator.
  • how many new skins are in the game?

    Seven skins.