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Download Minecraft PE for Android with a working Xbox Live: fight while sitting on a camel, write a text on improved signs and estimate the bug fixing!

What is new in Minecraft

The developers have made the long-awaited changes to Minecraft PE The virtual world has become even better, the player’s hitbox has become smaller, and errors have been eliminated.

The update will allow players to evaluate the improved experimental features. For example, the damage caused by falling while riding a camel.

Mob sounds

As players know, the heads of some mobs in Minecraft can be a source of additional game sounds. To do this, Steve must put the subject on the note block.

This option continues to improve, and this time the developers have worked on piglin’s ears in the inventory.


Some of the movements of the Minecraft PE player have become even better. For example, Steve’s hitbox is reduced to 1.5 blocks during sneaking. By the way, swimming now smoothly switches to sneaking.


There are already a lot of different creatures in the Minecraft In the experimental mode, players can see camels in the deserts. Besides, these animals can be saddled. Mojang developers have created their babies as well.

Riding a camel has its characteristics. For example, two users can sit on the animal’s back at once.

Users should know that being on a camel when they fall, they will receive damage.

Some changes have occurred in other Minecraft PE mobs. For example, to achieve equality between Java and Bedrock, the developers have added a variety of breeds obtained during breeding.


Minecraft players can get bamboo for buildings. These are blocks with a sympathetic texture, which can also be the basis of decorative elements.

The Mojang team has worked on the damage that players receive from blocks. Now it is displayed correctly.


  • What types of wood are suitable for hanging signs?

    Any type of wood can be used.
  • How to use chiseled bookshelf?

    It can be storage for enchanted books.
  • What animal appeared in the deserts?