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Download Minecraft PE for Android with a working Xbox Live: enjoy the update with bug fixes, functional blocks, additional sounds and other features!

What is new in Minecraft

It’s time for another update of the game world. In Minecraft PE, developers have improved stability, fixed about 70 bugs, and worked out experimental functions.

Players can get different bamboo blocks using them for buildings, evaluate the improved behavior of many inhabitants of the game space, and also notice more equality of Bedrock Edition with Java.


Many have already appreciated bamboo blocks in the building process and decorating the world. In Minecraft, users can get a beautiful block from nine pieces of bamboo that will be useful for various purposes. By the way, with the help of an axe, it is possible to get another type of this material.

Sculk blocks that can be found in Ancient cities now have a new sound radius: players can hear them at a distance of 32 blocks.

Game sounds

This option is available to Minecraft PE users: they can put creatures heads on note blocks, getting new sounds. For example, it is possible to put the pigling’s head on and hear its noise. At the moment, the choice is not very large: only a few mobs can be a means of sound production.

By the way, the noise of some blocks has become closer to the PC edition. For example, pressure plates and different types of doors have new ones.


The developers of Mojang paid attention to fixing many issues in the game space. For example, the hitboxes of Minecraft players are correctly reflected when returning to the world after death. Users will no longer mistakenly miss the night when they are in the End or the Nether World.

Also, the server will no longer hang in sleep mode during an item’s falls.

Hanging Signs in Minecraft PE 1.20
Bamboo from Minecraft PE 1.20
Boolshelf in Minecraft PE 1.20
Camel in Minecraft PE 1.20
Bamboo Raft from Minecraft PE 1.19-1.20
Mob Sounds from Minecraft PE 1.19-1.20


  • What types of wood can be used for hanging signs?

    Players can use any type of wood.
  • How to get a bamboo block?

    Player should craft it from nine pieces of bamboo.
  • Did the developers add any equality of Bedrock Edition with Java?

    Sculk blocks has a new sound radius: players can hear them at a distance of 32 blocks.