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Download Minecraft PE for Android with a working Xbox Live: meet Sniffer to find seeds, use brushes to extract objects, and be an archaeologist!

What is new in Minecraft update?

The developers from Mojang presented the Minecraft PE to gamers. The game has become more stable. There are many interesting features among the experimental functions. It is possible to get ancient seeds with the help of Sniffer, and players can make Decorated pots from the found fragments.

The game also has unusual blocks and new beautiful flowers.

Suspicious sand

Players can start digging in the deserted biome of Minecraft It is not easy to find the necessary blocks of such sand because they are similar to the rest. Users must take brushes and clean blocks of suspicious sand to extract objects.


To become an archaeologist in Minecraft PE, players need special tools that the developers of Mojang have added to this update. With the help of brushes, players can find unusual objects from which they can craft decorative items.

Pottery shards

Minecraft players can find four variants of Pottery shards: Arms Up, Skull, Prize, and Archer. Connecting these items to the crafting table will give the user a new item.

Decorated Pot is the only item that MCPE players can craft from their archaeological finds at the moment.


The appearance of this mob is a long-awaited event in the gaming community. As every player knows, an unusual creature became the winner in the 2022 vote. Sniffer has a certain functionality in Minecraft PE The creature finds the seeds of plants using its nose.

By the way, players can’t tame Sniffers.


The developers have added unusual plants called Torchflowers to Minecraft Users can grow such flowers and use them for spawn Sniffers.


  • How to spawn Sniffer?

    There are torchflowers to spawn these creatures.
  • How to use brushes?

    Players can use these items to extract objects from suspicious sand.
  • What blocks appeared in the game?

    Suspicious sand.