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Download Minecraft PE for free on Android: there are already some features from the next update like blue ice, stripped logs, and coral blocks.

What’s new in MCPE

Mojang Studios is gradually switching from one major update to another: from Better Together to Update Aquatic. For instance, Minecraft PE has new coral blocks and even a vicious underwater mob.


We must mention corals in the first place because there are numerous variations of these vivid and vibrant underplants in MCPE

You can these in warm oceans with some other unique block. Corals have five distinct options: brain, bubble, fire, tube, and horn. Altogether they make waters more beautiful and alive.

Notwithstanding, if you take one out of the water, it instantly dries out and dies in Minecraft PE

Blue, yellow, or red plant turns into a sterile piece of grayness.


MCPE introduces three different and uniquely vigorous and rich biomes. Lukewater ocean is the most common one, which you’ll find most of the time.

There are also frozen waters, or icebergs. Polar bears occupy these places. Generally, there are fewer living beings and more ice and snow.

Additionally, developers introduced their profound variations, where temples can generate. On the other hand, coral reefs spawn exclusively in warm waters in Minecraft PE


As a matter of fact, most adventurous players can come across sunken ships in MCPE These constructions spawn utterly everywhere. They contain from one to two chests inside.

Most of the time, there are buried treasure maps with some extra items like food, papers, and leather armor. Plus, the luckiest will encounter diamonds, gold, and iron ingots.

Generally, seas have become more thrilling to explore and discover.


  • Where can I find coral reefs in MCPE

    These generate only in warm oceans.
  • How often do icebergs appear?

    They mostly cover all the cold ocean.
  • Can I collect corals?

    Yes, you can place them somewhere else underwater.