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Download Minecraft PE Trails and Tales for Android with a working Xbox Live: trade with librarians and wandering traders, use armor trim, and more!

Main Features of Minecraft

Mojang developers have added interesting trading features, new villages, and also fixed a lot of bugs in Minecraft PE Players should visit all biomes to purchase the best enchantments from librarians. Also, excavation using brushes and crafting from found pottery sherds are still available to users.


Those who want to get more goods and buy enchantments in Minecraft should find a librarian in the village. Some changes have also affected wandering traders: prices have decreased, and there are more goods. The enchantment depends on the biome.

To get all kinds of enchantments, the player needs to all biomes.

By the way, the villages in which there are no inhabitants, the players must create themselves.


Walking through ancient structures, the Minecraft PE player can find objects, but what if he needs to plant seeds. In this case, Sniffer will help him.

Since it is possible to grow this mob with the help of an egg, the user should create suitable conditions for this – place the egg on the moss.

Armor Trim

One of the important features of the Trails and Tales update was the ability to decorate armor. Minecraft players will need Smithing table firstly. It is possible to take it from the village or create it on a regular crafting table.

To find templates, it will take a little more time. Trail Ruins are a structure worth looking for.


In Minecraft PE, a character can use new moves and crawl through where it was previously impossible. Crawling simplifies survival and makes animations more realistic. There are even situations where it works automatically, and players do not need to do anything extra.


  • How to find ancients seeds?

    Sniffer can help.
  • How to breed Sniffer?

    Wilth Torchflowers.
  • How to buy enchantments?

    Meet Librarian.