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Download Minecraft PE free Copper Update for Android with a working Xbox Live: get new blocks from unique materials, use them for decorations, and enjoy!

Minecraft Beta Copper Update

The Mojang developers have added content that will please everyone who has seen the announcement of the upcoming update.

There are even more unique blocks in Minecraft PE Finally, players can create and use new variants of copper and tuff.

These materials have interesting features that distinguish them from all other resources in the game.

Copper Blocks

Several types of copper blocks have appeared in the Minecraft Pocket Edition world. They all have similar properties, but perform different functions.

Chiseled copper

These blocks can be obtained with the help of a stone cutter. To do this, the Minecraft player needs to take two copper plates, and necessarily of the same oxidation level.


The new light source can be used in any room. Minecraft version players may notice that its light dims when the block is oxidized. To create it, users will need Redstone dust, blaze rod and 3 blocks of copper.


Users can create a grid of 4 blocks of copper. The finished object will be transparent, which allows it to pass light through itself.

Hostile mobs cannot spawn on this block in Minecraft PE

Doors and trapdoors

These copper blocks are similar to their wood counterparts. Over time, they can oxidize due to the properties of the material. Blocks of the same oxidation level will be required to create them in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Tuff Blocks

To make all kinds of new tuff blocks, MCPE players will need a stonecutter. Among them are stairs, walls, slabs, and there are also their chiseled variants.


For those who would like to simplify the process of creating different items in Minecraft at least a little, this block has been created. Crafter works together with Redstone, which allows you to use all the possibilities of automation.

New Recipes

The developers decided to simplify obtaining some blocks in Minecraft PE by adding recipes for:

  • Copper blocks, for example doors and trapdoors, including chiseled and waxed options;
  • Tuff blocks.
Copper Bulb from Minecraft PE 1.20-1-.21
Copper Grate from Minecraft PE 1.20-1-.21
Tuff Blocks from Minecraft PE 1.20-1-.21
Oxidized Copper from Minecraft PE 1.20-1-.21
Crafter from Minecraft PE 1.20 -1.21


  • What Copper blocks can be made with stonecutter?

    All of them.
  • How to use Copper Bulb?

    This block can be a light source.
  • What tuff blocks are added to the game?

    Stairs, walls, slabs, and some other.