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Download Minecraft PE free for Android with a working Xbox Live: meet Breeze in Trial Chambers, find trial spawner, and master the creation of blocks of copper and tuff!

Minecraft Trial Spawner Update

For everyone who loves when new blocks appear in the game, a happy time has come: Mojang gave fans Breeze, Trial Chambers, and some types of tuff and copper blocks in Minecraft PE This means that users have even more opportunities for creativity.

Crafter is also available to players – a unique block for creating game items.

Trial Chambers

This dark location is where the Breeze lives. Players can fight a hostile mob in a new dungeon. Minecraft version users can also find trial spawners on the territory of the underground structure — they create mobs, for killing which players will receive rewards.

Trial Chamber is made of copper and tuff and can have different size.

Tuff and Copper

The developers have created several types of blocks made of copper. Some of them will help to decorate the Minecraft space, and some even have additional functionality. For example, copper bulbs are unique in that they illuminate the space. However, this effect does not last very long, only until the surface of the block is oxidized.

Tuff has a dark gray color and can be an excellent material for the construction of underground structures and other locations in Minecraft Pocket Edition This material can also oxidize.

By the way, the developers have added new details to the textures of these blocks.

Getting blocks

Minecraft PE players can create all blocks made of copper and tuff using a crafting table. To do this, they will need recipes that are available for each of them. If players choose creative mode, they can try new materials by taking them out of inventory.


With the help of the crafting table, Minecraft Bedrock Edition players can usually create different items. But the new block crafter simplifies this whole process if you use it in parallel with Redstone.


  • How to get tuff and copper blocks?

    Players can use recipes.
  • What copper blocks can be used for decoration?

    Copper bulbs, doors, and trapdoors.
  • How to use Crafter?

    Players can use it with Redstone.