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Download Minecraft PE free Copper Update for Android with a working Xbox Live: get items from Armadillo to craft wolf armor!

Minecraft Beta

Minecraft PE content will appeal to those who want to explore the abilities of new animals in the game world. Armadillo drops useful items, and the Breeze is a dangerous opponent in battles.

Once in Trial Chambers, players can find a lot of resources and face situations where they need to show all their skills.


Finally, users can meet Armadillo in the Minecraft virtual world. This animal usually spawns in the savanna biome. It is absolutely safe for players, and when someone attacks it, it does not respond to the attack. Most of all, Armadillo likes to eat spider eyes.

Wolf Armor

This is a unique item that can be crafted in Minecraft To do this, you will need Armadillo Scute. There are six such items, and it is possible to get them after the death of Armadillo.

It is worth considering that only the one who tamed the wolf can put on armor in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Trail Chambers

Players can embark on a dangerous adventure inside the Trail Chamber. This location consists of tuff and copper blocks so that Minecraft version can collect and use these resources for their own purposes. Users should also look for chests, as there may be valuable items inside.

Do not lose your vigilance, because trial spawners can create different hostile mobs, not only zombies, but also a Breeze.


It is possible to improve your item creation skills with such a block as crafter in Minecraft PE This is a chance to partially automate the process using Redstone. With the help of a recipe and some ingredients, players can create this block.

Other changes

There are some other changes in the experimental elements of the game. For example, an Armadillo has a vibration when it is rolling up in Minecraft Pocket Edition By the way, the legs of these animals will no longer flicker during rolling up.

Breeze can jump on the water.

Armadillo from Minecraft PE 1.20-1-21
Breeze from Minecraft PE 1.20-1-21
Trial Spawner from Minecraft PE 1.20-1-21
Trial Chamber from Minecraft PE 1.20-1-21
Tuff Blocks from Minecraft PE 1.20-1-.21
Oxidized Copper from Concept 1.21 Update Mod for Minecraft PE


  • What does armadillo drop?

    Armadillo Scutes.
  • What can players use armadillo scutes for?

    Wolf armor.
  • Where does the Breeze live?

    in Trail Chamber.