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Download Minecraft PE free Trail Chambers for Android with a working Xbox Live: use dyes to change the color of the wolf armor, evaluate the Vault changes, and much more!

Minecraft Beta

Current game changes, as usual, are based on those updates that the Mojang developers released before Minecraft Users can still explore Trial Chambers, which are now generated in the same way as in the Java edition.

Wolf Armor

Many Minecraft PE players know that it is possible for tamed wolves to craft the armor of their Armadillo Scutes. The developers decided to give additional options to users to customize the wolf armor.

It is possible to use dyes for this purpose in Minecraft Bedrock Edition


To find the Vault, Minecraft players should go to Trial Chambers. The blocks, which are opened with a special key, contain loot and treasures. The developers have also slightly changed the textures of the Vault to make it look more like the Java edition. Also, the sounds made when opening the block have changed.

This item has some features that do not change in the game yet: it cannot be moved and there is no crafting recipe to create it in Minecraft version

Announced Hardcore Mode

Minecraft PE layers are looking forward to the moment when they can activate the unique announced Hardcore game mode. According to the developers, it is impossible to respawn in this mode, so this is officially the most difficult level.

New Wolves

There are eight additional types of wolf in Minecraft It is possible to meet them in different biomes of the game. There are such wolves as:

  • Woods;
  • Ashen;
  • Pale;
  • Spotted;
  • Rusty;
  • Striped;
  • Snowy.

Some of them spawn in the taiga, some in the savanna, and there are those in the jungle.

Bogged from Minecraft PE 1.20-1.21
Armadillo from Minecraft PE 1.20-1-21
Vault from Minecraft PE 1.20, 1.21
Breeze from Minecraft PE 1.20-1-21
Trial Spawner from Minecraft PE 1.20-1-21
Trial Chamber from Minecraft PE 1.20-1-21
Copper Bulb from Concept 1.21 Update Mod for Minecraft PE
Tuff Blocks from Minecraft PE 1.20-1-.21
Crafter from Minecraft PE 1.20 -1.21
Wind Charge from Minecraft PE 1.20-1.21


  • What players can do with wolf armor?

    It is possible to dye wolf armor.
  • How to find Vault?

    Players should look for this block in Trial Chambers.
  • Is it possible to spawn Armadillo.

    Yes, there ia a spawn egg.