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Download Minecraft PE free Trail Chambers for Android with a working Xbox Live: tame the forest wolves, attack using wind changes, and unlock Vault!

Minecraft Beta

Players can explore the updated world in Minecraft PE, as the developers have added several improvements in previous versions, including experimental content. For example, it is possible to meet Bogged in the swamps, and find Vault in Trial Chambers.


Those who go to Trial Chambers should pay attention to the unique blocks in which they can find rewards in Minecraft Bedrock Edition Vault can only be opened with a Trial Key, and only once.

If the Minecraft user has not unlocked the Vault yet, orange particles will appear around it.


Swamps and Mangrove swamps have become Bogged habitat. These mobs are covered with moss and mushrooms, but otherwise they look like ordinary skeletons in Minecraft PE

Their main danger lies in the poisonous arrows they use in attacks.

Wind Charges

Among the new weapons, Minecraft version players can find Wind Charges. These items are usually used by Breeze for his attacks. If the player manages to defeat Breeze, the creature will drop from 4 to 6 charges.

During such an attack, blocks explode and cause significant damage to mobs.


After adding different types of wolves to the game, Minecraft players were able to notice that these animals are still possible to tame. By the way, a tamed wolf has a larger collar than usual.

Bogged from Minecraft PE 1.20-1.21
Armadillo from Minecraft PE 1.20-1-21
Vault from Minecraft PE 1.20, 1.21
Breeze from Minecraft PE 1.20-1-21
Trial Spawner from Minecraft PE 1.20-1-21
Trial Chamber from Minecraft PE 1.20-1-21
Copper Bulb from Concept 1.21 Update Mod for Minecraft PE
Tuff Blocks from Minecraft PE 1.20-1-.21
Crafter from Minecraft PE 1.20 -1.21
Wind Charge from Minecraft PE 1.20-1.21
Wolves from Minecraft PE 1.20


  • Why is Bogged so dangerous?

    These mobs can attack with poisoned arrows.
  • How to get Wind Charges?

    Try to defeat Breeze.
  • Where players can find Vaullt?

    In Trial Chambers.