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Download Minecraft PE free Tricky Trials for Android with a working Xbox Live: use hardcore game mode, fight Bogged in Trial Chamber, and much more!

Minecraft Beta

Players can improve the gameplay by using the new options that have appeared in Minecraft There are a lot of useful blocks in Trial Chambers, and players will be able to defeat mobs thanks to the mace.
It is possible to craft this weapon in MCPE using two ingredients:

  • Heavy Core;
  • Breeze Rod.


Visitors to Trial Chambers will need good weapons to fight aggressive mobs. The mace is a great option for close combat in Minecraft Bedrock Edition Creating it will require players to have the ingredients. One of them is Breeze Rod, it is possible to get after the death of Breeze. Heavy Core should be searched in Vaults.


Minecraft PE users can meet Bogged in Trial Chambers. These mobs are dangerous and can attack players with poisoned arrows. The creatures are covered with moss, so when meeting in a swamp, it will be difficult for players to see them on a green background.

Many players know that Bogged attack causes a Slowness effect. It is worth considering that this will not happen underwater in close combat.

Interesting fact: Parrots can now imitate Bogged sounds in Minecraft Pocket Edition


Those who want to complicate Minecraft version should try the Hardcore mode. It is worth considering that you will not be able to respawn after death.

It is worth paying attention to the new sounds of mode activation in Minecraft


There are some other changes in Minecraft Pocket Edition, including:

  • The categories in the Dressing Room have changed;
  • there are hints in the chat;
  • improved Realms options;
  • on the death screen in hardcore now there is a button to exit the world.


  • What game mode is the most difficult?

    Hardcore mode.
  • How to get Heavy Core?

    Open Vault.
  • What are the ingredients for crafting mace?

    Heavy Core and Breeze Rod.