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Download Minecraft PE Update Aquatic for free on Android: some technical issues solved, and more content to come.

What’s new in MCPE

Mojang Studios has been working really hard to deliver the best gaming experience and is nearly done with the Second Phase of Update Aquatic.

Minecraft PE already features only bug fixes and some other technical issues resolving aspects. However, there are still some minor but significant changes.

Experimental Gameplay

Many MCPE have already been in the game for quite a while. However, you could only play with those features through Experimental Gameplay, a select button in the Settings menu.

Notwithstanding, they came out to ordinary words, and there’s no need to go back to Settings. For example, drowned spawn naturally in oceans forthwith.

Furthermore, Nautilus Shells and Tridents appear in Minecraft PE regularly as well: above mentioned drowned drop those.

Nevertheless, their drop chance is low, so you’ll have to hunt down multiple dozens of drowned zombies.


Talking about the undead, we have to mention they can no longer swim in MCPE Consequently, they’ll simply sink down and lurk at the bottom of a river, a lake, or an ocean.

Yet, regular zombies, husks, and zombie villager that stayed underwater too long will turn into drowned. These guys can and will swim towards players in order to kill them.

By the way, all of these mobs, including wolves and ocelots, will hunt turtle eggs.

They hate these reptiles and pleasantly destroy their eggs in Minecraft PE

Hatching Protected

At the same time, no matter how evil you want to be, you have to protect these eggs. It turns out tortoises drop scutes when they grow up, but they have to hatch first.

You are free to utilize these scutes to make yourself a Turtle Helmet, or Shell, in MCPE It allows you to breathe underwater longer than you usually do.


  • How do I find a turtle in MCPE

    They spawn on warm beaches.
  • Are tortoises rare?

    They are quite seldom.
  • What do I breed turtles with?

    They eat seagrass you can get using shears.