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PVP Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.2.0 - 1.20.51 for Android
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Download the PVP texture pack for Minecraft PE: make your game the prettiest, so your fighting skills could show off as well.

PVP Texture Pack Highlights

Player vs. player is one of the two main aspects of Minecraft PE alongside PVE — players vs. environment. Many users clash every day to get more experience or just for fun.

However, when you install some additional content to your vanilla game, it usually gets more manageable for you to battle your enemies.

On the other hand, PVP texture packs have been made to color up and add some exquisite moments to this process without giving any advantages to MCPE users.

Luckily for everyone, there are a plethora of unique and outstanding resource packs to set up and play with.

Infinite PVP

This marvelous Minecraft PE PVP texture pack is Infinite for a reason. Once installed, these pack will prompt you to join an epic battle nearby.

Victory and glory will follow you everywhere: all you need to do is get some proper martial skills for sure. The authors mention they’ve remade weapon appearances.

Thus wooden, stone, iron, golden, and diamond armor and swords look more prominent henceforth in MCPE.
Notwithstanding, creators also modified some other items like several food types, the flint, and steel, maps, and TNT.

Generally, the majority of the Minecraft Bedrock Edition looks different thenceforth.


This PVP texture pack is simple, according to the authors. They tried to create something that would make fights more comfortable and less challenging for devices.

Developers come up with the idea of composing simple textures, so Minecraft PE would be less laggy during the most rigid battling seconds.

Their approach worked out, and they eventually got one of the most useful and beautiful packs ever.

Sweet PVP

Those who want to add some delicate pastel colors to their weapons and armor should download this PVP texture pack. After downloading it, many items will change, including everything you need for battles.

By the way, the nature of Minecraft PE will also get better: brighter colors and high contrast improves the world.


  • How much useful are these PVP Texture Packs in Minecraft Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

    They can help you out with your performance.
  • Can I use these on servers?

    Yes, you can since they do not impact the overall gameplay.
  • Does installing these textures count as cheating?

    No, these texture packs do not affect the balance.