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Rain Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.4.0 - 1.20.41 for Android
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Download Rain Texture Pack for Minecraft PE: influence the weather in the game world and create more unusual effects that make the world realistic!

Rain Texture Pack for MCPE

As experienced players know, the weather often changes in the virtual world of Minecraft PE. To make it realistic, the developers offer various addons, including rain texture pack. This is the case when small changes can affect the entire gameplay.

It is possible to change the climate using different maps. MCPE players can also invite friends into the created world.

Users can change the intensity of rain, add more sounds, improve water transparency, and much more.

No Weather

If someone does not like bad weather in Minecraft PE and wants to remove it from their world, they should download No Weather. This rain texture pack will completely remove the drops falling from the sky.

It is worth noting that the sky will be gray and the sounds of rain will remain in the game, but the Minecraft Bedrock Edition player will not see water.

At the same time, lightning can appear in the sky.

Mystic Rain

Those who want to add a little dreary atmosphere to their Minecraft PE should download and install this rain texture pack. The goal of the developers was to add sounds that players can hear even from home. Thus, there will be more realism in the game.

Mystic Rain texture pack also adds thunder sounds and makes the gameplay more exciting.

Realistic Rain

This rain texture pack makes the weather in the virtual world realistic and adds some effects. Minecraft PE players may notice that the drops that drip from the sky are more transparent and do not have a blue color, as it happens in the vanilla world.

By the way, to see the changes after rain texture pack downloading and not wait for the weather to change naturally, players can use the command /weather on.