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Villager Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.16.0 - 1.20.41 for Android
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Download Villager Mod for Minecraft PE: experience overhauled citizens and brand-new settlements.

What does the Villager Mod add to MCPE?

A lot of Minecraft PE players love trading with the world inhabitants, whereas others are still not certain whether it is exciting or not. Therefore, villager mod totally enhances general settlement gameplay.

This addon is really epic since hamlets and towns are now completely different in MCPE.

Come Alive

Those who want to revitalize their villages in Minecraft PE should download and install this villager mod. The developer decided to allow players to interact better with NPCs. Now there will be both women and men among the inhabitants of the world. Their appearance will be unusual, more details will appear.

Users can start families and have children. It is also possible to hire bodyguards who will protect the character from mobs.

Happy Villagers

Firstly, all villagers have changed their outfits and overall models in Minecraft PE. Every worker now looks a bit more real. They somehow replicate jobs from the real world. Thus, miners weak yellow jackets and helmets, but shepherds have fancy sweaters made of wool.

It means the inhabitants have become even better and more elegant with this villager mod.


On the other hand, their way of acting and working has changed as well. It turns out citizens now possess truly intricate animations. Besides, their schedules are different as well. Farmers will be harvesting crops quicker and smarter. Players can even see how other workers labor in Minecraft PE.

Leather workers, cartographers, weapon smiths, and others at least look alive after villager mod download.

Moreover, residents currently walk a lot within their town. However, there are even female villager versions in MCPE.

They all have got unique textures and models. Plus, they act a little unusually than men.


Happy Villagers mod enhances the labor element of the game, introducing priests and guardians to the peaceful towns. They will be protecting municipalities from dangers of all kinds in Minecraft PE.

Nevertheless, you are still in demand when it comes to hard power.

Furthermore, those inhabitants have even got chats appearing when they communicate. Thus, users will hear a lot of chatter on the streets.


  • Where can I find those new villagers in this MCPE mod?

    They replace old villagers.
  • Can I still trade with them?

    Yes, you can still do that.
  • Are towns got bigger?

    No, they are not.