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WakHimpact Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.20.80 - 1.20.81 for Android
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Download WakHimpact Mod for Minecraft PE: create a themed space with your favorite characters of a cool computer game!

What does WakHimpact Mod add to MCPE?

Fans of the popular action-adventure style game should pay attention to this WakHimpact mod. The developers propose to add the main characters with their unique features to the world of Minecraft PE.

By the way, there are some weapons that players can find in their inventory and use in battles. For example, a hammer that deals damage to any opponent.

MCPE players will be able to tame mobs, make new friends in the game and create themed worlds thanks to the WakHimpact mod.


The main feature of the WakHimpact mod is that players get new friends in Minecraft PE. These are creatures from the famous Chinese computer game.

It is worth activating the experimental mode before starting a new game in the world created with this WakHimpact mod.

This is a unique opportunity for users to create a themed game and participate in adventures with friends. To do this, the owner of the world can invite others into his MCPE virtual world.


After activating the WakHimpact mod, two unique mobs will appear in Minecraft PE. These are the characters of one of the most popular action-adventure computer games.

In new mobs, players will recognize familiar characters:

  • Rosaria;
  • Arlecchino.

Both creatures from the WakHimpact mod have unique textures and custom animations in Minecraft Bedrock Edition that are very similar to the original.

Interestingly, the mobs are armed and use unique attacks in their battles.


The coolest feature of the WakHimpact mod is that mobs can be tamed. To make new creatures your friends, Minecraft PE players should use diamonds. Users need to take an object in their hand and approach the selected mob.