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Block Decor Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.20.50 - 1.20.81 for Android
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Download Block Decor Mod for Minecraft PE: use all the new items to create your own dream interior!

What does Block Decor Mod add to MCPE?

For all fans of creating unique interiors in Minecraft PE, the developers have created this Block Decor mod. It includes more than 30 items and opens access to 400 combinations of them so that each player can make their home the most cozy and beautiful.

This is an opportunity to play in different modes and invite friends to your world to use new options together.

Experiments need to be activated before creating a world with the Block Decor mod.


One of the features of the Block Decor mod is that it is possible to get all the items both in survival and in creativity. For the Minecraft PE survival mode, the developer suggests using Stonecutter and clay blocks. Players using creativity can get everything by opening the inventory.

One of the unique features is the ability to combine elements together to create unique furniture in MCPE.


It is worth noting that the Block Decor mod adds not only beautiful objects to Minecraft Bedrock Edition, but also quite functional ones. For example, a stove can turn on and a fire appears on it.

It also eats other features of the Block Decor mod. For example, the ability to change the color of furniture using dyes. This allows you to create custom objects for the Minecraft PE interiors.

Players can also change the type of wood if they pick up the right wooden block and interact with the selected object.


The Block Decor mod adds items for different rooms in Minecraft PE. For example, there are plenty of bathroom furniture. These are sinks, mirrors, showers and more. There are also items for the kitchen. The Block Decor mod adds chairs, tables, a refrigerator, a stove, and much more.

This is one of the few addons where furniture is functional.


  • How to install Block Decor mod?

    Download the file and open it in your Minecraft Bedrock Edition.
  • What if the mod does not work?

    Make sure that the experimental game mode is activated.
  • Can this mod be run in a multiplayer game?

    Yes, it is suitable for a multiplayer game.