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Jet Pack Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.20.0 - 1.20.81 for Android
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Download Jet Pack Texture Pack for Minecraft PE: fly using new item, discover the game world from the sky, and enjoy the view!

Jet Pack Texture Pack for MCPE

Elytra is one of the most frequently used items in Minecraft PE. Players can fly with it and explore the unique game world from a height. The developers decided to improve the flights and created this Jet Pack texture pack. It will change familiar objects, turning them into futuristic elements.

This item is primarily useful for those who play in survival mode, as it allows players to overcome those areas of the game world where it is impossible to walk with their feet.


After downloading the Jet Pack texture pack, users will have access to a unique item that allows them to fly. Now Minecraft PE users can climb into the sky in style, because the developers have added a futuristic design. Players will feel like heroes of a fantastic plot who can easily climb to any height in a minute.

It is worth taking care that the Minecraft Bedrock Edition experimental mode is activated before the Jet Pack texture is activated.


The main feature of this Jet Pack texture pack is a realistic model with a modern design that turns ordinary elytra into a unique futuristic object. The new element looks very stylish and has a white color.

At the moment when the player needs to make a flight, the backpack turns into wings like an airplane.

Minecraft PE players can apply other packs at the same time.

How to use it?

Since this Jet Pack texture pack does not contain a behavior script, Minecraft PE players can use it as regular elytra. If the user is playing in creative mode, he can find an item in the inventory and put it on the character. During the flight, it has additional elements similar to the wings of an airplane.

It is possible to invite friends to the game world to fly and explore territories together with Jet Pack texture pack.