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Low End Shaders for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.16.0 - 1.19.40 for Android
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Low End Shaders for MCPE

If it seems to you that the Minecraft PE game world on Android is not saturated enough and it lacks colors and detail, then download Low End Shaders.

Thanks to this set, the whole game world will become much more pleasant to the eyes and will acquire new colors, which were so lacking for full immersion.

OSC Shaders

Low End Shaders change the colors of the Minecraft PE world and improve the quality and clarity of textures.

In addition, there will be new shades of both the night and day sky; the moon and the sun will rotate, and the leaves of trees and grass will sway when the wind blows.


The author uses a special palette of shades, which improves the appearance. In the daytime, the lighting will be much brighter than usual, and in the night- on the contrary, everything will be darker and scarier.

In addition, these Low End Shaders has changed the appearance of nature: the moon and the sun will take on a new look, and reservoirs will be painted in new colors.

The movement and rustling of the leaves will give realism and add a special atmosphere to the MInecraft PE blocky world.

Orange Shaders

These Low End Shaders try to improve the appearance of the world slightly, while not using demanding effects so that it is comfortable to play with them even on the weakest devices.

A simple pack has the task to make the Minecraft PE world a little livelier and more realistic, without the drastic changes that are present in almost all shaders. It will add soft lighting, shadows, as well as waves on water and lava.


Download the Low End Shaders from the link. Then follow the downloaded files and click on the desired file.

Minecraft PE will start and file import will begin. Create a new world or go to the settings of an existing one.

Find the addons section and among the resources, select the desired pack and click the activation button.


  • How do I install this shader?

    The file is in .mcpack extension, so just tap on the file to automatically install the modification.
  • What if the shader doesn't work?

    Try to activate the experimental game mode.
  • Can this shader be run in a multiplayer game?

    Yes, for this it is enough just to be the owner of the map and install this modification on it.