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Bazooka Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.16.0 - 1.20.31 for Android
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Download Bazooka Mod for Minecraft PE: try new types of attacks, and destroy enemies with deadly weapons from a long distance!

What does Bazooka Mod add to MCPE?

Battles in the virtual world can be made more spectacular and dangerous. To do this, there is a mod for Minecraft PE that adds a variety of weapons, including a bazooka. This is an opportunity to attack enemies from afar, arrange powerful explosions and win a virtual war.

Rocket Launcher

Those who are looking for a bazooka and similar powerful guns for virtual warfare will like this mod. It adds just two new elements to the game: new weapon and cartridges, which replace the bow and arrow in the game. Minecraft PE players can launch missiles at their enemies even from a long distance. This is convenient in a multiplayer game when teams are fighting each other.

Araths Guns

The mod adds a bazooka, machine guns, pistols and other weapons. Interestingly, the developer has created not only modern guns, but also items that were used in World War II. Minecraft PE players can use the addon in survival mode by crafting or trading.


Its firing speed distinguishes the bazooka. It can be recharged with missiles. Such a weapon deals damage 8.

If the mod user needs to call for help from other fighters, he can launch a flare to get three types of boxes:

  • Blue ball contains weapons and ammunition;
  • orange ball brings food, ore, and protection;
  • black ball gives all kinds of ammunition.

To protect the Minecraft PE character from explosions, the mod adds a special armor.


Those who want to shoot something more powerful than a bazooka should download this mod. The explosions will be very strong, and the developer has added a sound release for realism. Minecraft PE users also get three items to control the weapon. It is possible to choose the direction of fire and shoot using remote controls.

The big advantage of the new weapon is that it can be driven like a regular truck.