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Download Minecraft PE for Android: craft concrete, use blocks for decorations, meet llamas, and find Woodland Mansion!

What’s added to Minecraft PE

There are many changes from the Mojang developers in Minecraft There are new blocks, such as glazed terracotta and enchantments. This change allows players to use more resources for building and creating different items.


In Minecraft PE, users can see incredible creatures in a new dungeon — Woodland Mansion. It is necessary to find a dark forest. Then players can search for this building. Inside, players will meet some dangerous mobs.

There is a Vindicator who has an axe and can attack guests of the mansion. Here Steve should be ready for a fight. In case of defeating this mob, MCPE players get an emerald and some experience. Evoker is another aggressive creature that lives in Woodland Mansion.

It can use magic in fights, so it is difficult to attack the mob.


If Minecraft users go to the villages, they can find a cartographer there: the mob will give an explorer map in exchange for emeralds. This map helps to find new structures.

It is easy to recognize a cartographer because this villager wears white clothes.


Players will meet llamas in the mountains or savannas. This cute creature is neutral, but in case of a threat, it spits, which is very painful.

Wolves are afraid of llamas in Minecraft PE, but the player can tame the animals. This process is similar to taming horses. After that, llamas will be able to carry things.


Concrete blocks have sixteen color variants. The material can serve as decorations in Minecraft There are also beautiful glazed terracotta blocks. They have unusual textures and many colors. Players should use a pickaxe to get this resource.


  • How many times players can use totem of undying in Minecraft

    Only once.
  • How to find explorer map in MCPE

    Cartographer can give it to a player.
  • How to tame wolves?

    You should give them some bones.